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Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who’s the Fairest of Them All?

This is a writing and poem by one of my 17 year old clients.  She and her parents gave us permission to print this for everyone to see.  The writer wants everyone to know that learning to love your body is a process.  I am very proud of this young woman and who she’s becoming! ~Becky ‘In society today, our image of beauty has become unobtainable. With media portraying the standard as being thigh gaps, protruding hip bones, and tiny waists, [...]

Tom Corporon, MS, LPC

Tom Corporon has embarked upon a career as a Licensed Professional Counselor after 31 years in education as a teacher, counselor and administrator. He joined The Center for Counseling and Training in January 2015. He recently completed all of the requirements to become fully licensed as a therapist. Tom is trained in multiple areas including marriage and family, depression, anxiety, child and adult abuse, as well as trauma. His specialty is marriage and family counseling. [...]
Child Climbing

Back to School: Using Assertiveness Skills to Deal with Bullying

Back to School: Using Assertiveness Skills to Deal with Bullying Bullying is a growing issue, not just in schools, but in all settings for both children and adults. If your child has a history of being bullied, they may be feeling scared and nervous about going back to school. You can help your child feel more prepared and confident by teaching them some assertiveness skills.   Assertiveness is the quality of being self-assured and confident without being aggressive. This can be displayed [...]

What is Play Therapy?

Play is an essential part of development in childhood. As children grow, they use play to practice new skills, communicate with others, and relieve stress. Play therapy uses what we know about how children use play to help clients process trauma, express their feelings, and practice coping skills. Play therapy lets children be active and engaged in the therapy process in a safe and accepting environment. When children are not able to express how they feel through words, they can use puppets, [...]

Feeding Your Child’s Brain from the Bottom Up

Last week Theresa, Amy, and I were lucky enough to attend a training with Dr. Bruce Perry. In short, Dr. Perry is a brilliant guy who has spent years researching how the brain works and takes in information, and how therapists, teachers, and all of the systems that work with children in our country can use this information to better support children and their families. If you are interested, here is Dr. Perry’s bio: http://childtrauma.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/BDP_Bio_2013x.pdf The brain is amazing and [...]