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Healthy Communities

This past Tuesday, I was asked to attend an event hosted by the Lafayette County Health Department. This MAPP meeting (Mobilizing Action through Planning and Partnerships) was a humbling experience. Several members of the community were involved and ready to put their brains together to ask, “How do we give this community better healthcare than we already do?” Together, in three groups, we used our best communication skills, along with our thinking caps, to collaborate effectively to achieve this goal. We were asked to vote on how well the local public health system is working. For instance one of the questions reads “At what level does the local public health system connect or link people to organizations that can provide personal health services they may need?” After each question, the panel was asked to vote on how well we thought the local public health system was working based on the question. We all gave our input and offered some ideas on what could make it better and more effective. It was clear to me that the Lafayette County Health Department had a large task on their hands and they have been working on this idea for a few years. It showed. They were very well organized and adequately equipped to make this day as successful as they could. This event encompassed a group of very intelligent people working in the healthcare field. I was thrilled to see such a great turnout. For this many people to gather in one room with a very important common goal means we truly have people in this county who are looking out for the well-being and safety of those living in our communities, and THAT is humbling.